Choosing The Right Label


The appearance of a label is very important and there are many things to consider...

Labels come in all sizes and shapes with many different constructions. They attract consumers, identify what your product is or does, and help to sell the product.  There are several printing methods and processes to choose from. Will you print flexographicdigital, or thermal transfer?


Pressure Sensitive Labels

With pressure sensitive labels there is a vast selection of paper and film facestocks. These should be selected according to your particular label end use.

Adhesives will need to be chosen according to the label and application you are working on. Laminates and coatings are available to help improve the appearance and long performance of your labels.

There are non-pressure sensitive tags for many applications. They can be printed front and back.



Variable Print

In the event you have variable information you can choose to print your own or have us print them for you using our various technologies for variable print.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Perhaps you would like to consider shrink sleeve labels to provide decoration and security all in one.


Should your project need to be tracked, have inventory management, or DoD compliance, RFID labels are available with blanks, pre-printed, or pre-encoded labels.



All of the choices that need to be made for selecting and designing a label can be overwhelming. We are here with our team of specialists and expertise to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to your label.

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