Shrink Sleeves


360 Degrees of Graphics


Shrink products from MPI are successful in a wide range of markets due to their aesthetic appeal and functional versatility.  Shrink sleeve graphics have revolutionized product sales for everything from milk containers to sun screen bottles. The eye-catching 360° graphics create great consumer appeal and the packaging industry has rapidly embraced them as a way to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Shrink sleeves conform to unique package shapes, maximizing branding opportunities.   These highly attractive labels are printed on a flexible film that shrinks when heat is applied.  


Shrink Sleeves

Through shrink sleeve packaging, MPI offers head-turning graphics with vibrant colors to attract customers and increase sales of your product.

Advantages of shrink packaging:

  • Durable

  • Moisture and abrasion resistance

  • Conforms to most shapes

  • All around coverage for maximum branding opportunities

Shrink Sleeves.jpg

Multi-Pack Bands

Multi-pack bands combine  multiple products together to create an attractive package with larger print surface.

Packaging different size and shape products together is easier than ever with form-fitting heat shrink bands creating stronger brand awareness and more prominent shelf presence for your products.

Common uses and benefits for multi-pack bands includes:

  • Trial pack sizes

  • Twin Packs

  • Value Packs

  • Seasonal promotions

  • Cross branding

  • Giveaways: buy one/get one free



Commonly used around the lid, neck or cap of a container.


► Provide tamper evident protection
► Mold around virtually any shaped design
► Economical and easy to use

MPI stocks transparent and colored bands in standard shapes. Custom printed and perforations are available.

neck bands and preform.jpg

Shrink Equipment

In addition to manufacturing shrink sleeves, MPI has everything you need to apply shrink products including shrink applicators and heat tunnels. Automatic application of shrink sleeves to products, heat tunnels, steam tunnels, and steam generators.