Shrink Labels- Shrink Sleeves, Shrink Bands, Shrink Multi-Packs

Shrink Sleeve Products

When most people think of a chapstick label, they think of what is formally named a “shrink sleeve label.” Due to their unique ability to conform to most shapes (and their ability to be applied to any container surface), shrink sleeve labels are a popular option for labeling unique containers.

What are shrink sleeve labels?

Much like roll-fed labels, shrink sleeve labels are a type of label that wraps completely around a product (like a sleeve) to offer 360 degree coverage. However, unlike roll-fed labels, this unique label solution is then heated and shrunk to conform to the unique shape of the container. Therefore, these labels require some amount of machinery. Though equipment exists to both apply the sleeve and shrink the label seamlessly, most times, people will opt to apply the label sleeve by hand and then utilize equipment only to shrink the sleeve onto the product.

Why choose shrink sleeve labels?

Shrink sleeve labels conform to unique product shapes and maximize branding opportunities. Due to the unique 360-degree product coverage offered with these labels (and the product versatility), shrink sleeve labels are being rapidly embraced as a labeling option to stand out in a highly competitive market. These labels are durable, moisture and abrasion resistance, and can provide tamper evident protection.

Standard Shrink Sleeves vs Multi-pack bands vs Preform & Neck Bands

Depending on your reason for implementing shrink sleeve labels, we can determine what type of shrink sleeve labels are necessary for your job- standard shrink sleeves, multi-pack bands, or preform & neck bands.

Standard Shrink Sleeves

In most cases, to get the head-turning packaging you’re looking for, standard shrink sleeves that offer all-around coverage of your product are going to be the best option for you.

Common uses for standard shrink sleeves include:

  • Chapstick and Lip Balm Tubes

  • Sauce Bottles

  • Food Containers

  • Coffee and Coffee Creamer Bottles

  • Beverage Bottles

Multi-Pack Bands

Multi-pack bands are utilized to combine multiple products together into one attractive package (with a large print surface).

Common uses for multi-pack bands include:

  • Trial Pack Sizes

  • Twin Packs

  • Value Packs

Preform and Neck Bands

Preform and Neck Bands are utilized only around the lip, neck or cap of a container and provide tamper-evident protection for your product.

Common uses for preform and neck bands include:

  • Medicine bottles

  • Wine Bottles

  • Condiment Containers

Looking For A Different Label Solution?

Whether your project lends itself more so to digital labels or flexographic labels (based off factors such as run size), both of these two pressure sensitive label solutions create a very similar "sticker-like" result which can be attached to most shapes and surfaces with ease.

Custom roll fed wrap labels are just as they sound- a label that wraps completely around a product to offer 360-degree coverage. Due to the nature of these labels, they are found almost exclusively on mostly-cylindrical containers such as bottles, cans, and tubes.

Smart Labels—Radio Frequency Identification (abbr. RFID) and Near Field Communication (abbr. NFC)—are the future of asset tracking, inventory management, and interactive marketing. In simplified terms, think of RFID and NFC as the new and improved alternatives to barcoding AND QR codes.