Roll Fed Label Samples

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels

When most people think of a soda bottle label, they think of what is formally named a “roll-fed wrap label” (also known as a roll-fed label). Due to the shape of this label, they are found primarily on cylindrical containers such as cans, bottles, jars, and tubes.

What are custom roll-fed labels?

Roll-Fed labels are the type of label that wraps completely around a product (like a sleeve) to offer 360-degree coverage. These labels come in long rolls and do not come with adhesive pre-applied. Therefore, this label solution is applied by a machine that wraps the label around the container and applies the necessary adhesive. Our Roll Fed labels can be printed on film or paper material.

Why choose film roll-fed labels?

Film roll-fed labels (also referred to as unsupported film labels) are a cost-effective, production efficient, labeling option that provides visibility on the shelf with 360 coverage on a product. The film material can be laminated for gloss and protection. The film also resists moisture, tears, and scratches and does not require a liner or backing. MPI offers in-line lamination and back side printing on unsupported film labels.

Common Film Roll Fed Label Applications:

  • Aerosol Cans

  • Beer bottles and cans

  • Soda bottles

  • Water bottles

Why choose paper roll-fed labels?

Much like film roll-fed labels, paper roll-fed labels (also known as convolute spiral labels or spiral-wound labels) provides 360 degree coverage on a product. However, these labels also have the added benefit of extended durability. All of our convolute spiral labels meet performance requirements for cross alignment, friction, rub resistance, and curl. These labels are able to withstand harsh temperatures and pressure conditions.

Common Convolute Spiral Label Applications:

  • Frozen food containers

  • Biscuit cans

  • Caulking

  • Grease tubes, sealants, and adhesives

Looking For A Different Label Solution?

Whether your project lends itself more so to digital labels or flexographic labels (based off factors such as run size), both of these two pressure sensitive label solutions create a very similar "sticker-like" result which can be attached to most shapes and surfaces with ease.

Regardless of your intended application of shrink (whether it be full shrink sleeve packaging, multi-pack shrink bands, or preform neck shrink bands), all shrink products feature a 360-degree label sleeve (or band) which is heated and shrunk to conform to the unique shape of your container.

Smart Labels—Radio Frequency Identification (abbr. RFID) and Near Field Communication (abbr. NFC)—are the future of asset tracking, inventory management, and interactive marketing. In simplified terms, think of RFID and NFC as the new and improved alternatives to barcoding AND QR codes.