Smart Labels- Near Field Communications (NFC) Tags and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags

Smart Labels

Smart Labels (also referred to RFID Labels or RFID tags) are the latest innovation in labeling products for tracking purposes and are the new and improved alternative to barcodes and QR codes.

What are RFID Tags?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object.

What are RFID Tags used for?

RFID labels/tags are used in a variety of applications ranging from:

  • Logistics & supply chain visibility

  • Item level inventory tracking

  • Race timing

  • Attendee tracking

  • Materials management

  • Access control

  • Asset tracking

  • Interactive marketing

Why choose Smart Labels over barcodes?

RFID Labels/Tags are the future of product tracking and management. Unlike barcodes, this labeling option can be read up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line of sight of the reader to be tracked. Furthermore, RFID tags are designed so all tags within range can be scanned at once as opposed to the alternative (barcoding) where all tags must be scanned individually.

Other benefits of RFID Tags are:

  • RFID tags are generally a tougher label that can withstand more abuse than a typical barcode.

  • RFID tags can store more types and volumes of data than barcoding.

  • RFID tags allow more accurate inventory management as they require less human interaction (and in term allow less human error).

NFC Tags

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are a type of RFID tag that communicates between a mobile phone with wireless technology and media content, effectively replacing QR codes.

Why choose NFC Tags over QR codes?

NFC tags are often chosen over QR codes as they can carry more data and are more secure. NFC tags can be password protected and can be tracked to a specific person or account.

NFC Tags are used in a variety of applications ranging from:

  • Asset management

  • Marketing

  • Information access

  • Personal use

Other NFC Applications

RFID Tags for Pharmaceutical Applications

MPI Labels specializes in providing labels and RFID related products that meet the specific needs and applications of Kit Check customers.

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Looking For A Different Label Solution?

Whether your project lends itself more so to digital labels or flexographic labels (based off factors such as run size), both of these two pressure sensitive label solutions create a very similar "sticker-like" result which can be attached to most shapes and surfaces with ease.

Custom roll fed wrap labels are just as they sound- a label that wraps completely around a product to offer 360-degree coverage. Due to the nature of these labels, they are found almost exclusively on mostly-cylindrical containers such as bottles, cans, and tubes.

Regardless of your intended application of shrink (whether it be full shrink sleeve packaging, multi-pack shrink bands, or preform neck shrink bands), all shrink products feature a 360-degree label sleeve (or band) which is heated and shrunk to conform to the unique shape of your container.