Promotional Coupons

Custom Promotional Coupon Label Market

If you're looking to add coupons to your product, look no further than MPI Label Systems! We make custom coupons for a wide array of brands. Whether you're looking to offer a buy one, get one free special on your products or looking to draw attention to a discount available at checkout, MPI Labels can provide you with the perfect coupon designed to increase sales!

When Should I Use Coupons?


These types of coupons fall into our pressure sensitive label products as they feature a full adhesive backing which easily sticks these coupons onto your product. Coupon labels are sometimes referred to as "on-pack promotional labels" and are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Often brands use these coupons to encourage the move of overstocked inventory or to facilitate customers trying a new product; however, they may also be used to soften the blow of a price increase or to launch a new marketing campaign or in respond to competitive pressure.

Common Iterations of These Coupons Include:

  • Buy One, Get One Free

  • Buy One, Get One % OFF

  • Save $ Now!

  • $ OFF!

  • % OFF

  • ONLY $

  • FREE with Purchase of X

To learn more about pressure sensitive labels, click here. To speak to a representative about utilizing coupons in your product advertising, click here.