Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeveShrink sleeve labels cover a container from top to bottom with 360 degree graphics, text, and colors. Their attractive decoration provides shelf appeal and brand awareness. They are a leader in the market today.

Shrink sleeve labels fit the contour of your container when heat is applied. This includes round, square, rectangular, unique shaped and all types of containers (glass, plastic, and metal).

Our full body shrink sleeves can be custom printed up to 10 colors on PVC, PETG, OPS, or PLA shrink films. They are reverse printed for protection against surface oils, scratching, and scuffing.

Tamper Evident Seal

Shrink sleeves act as a tamper evident seal on your container.  Perforations are available for easy removal by the end user. When removed the remainder of the label remains on the container. Not having to apply two separate label products is a cost and time savings.

Shrink Sleeve Uses

You will find shrink sleeve packaging on dairy products, drinks (energy and fruit juices), coffee creamers, cosmetics, cleaning products, healthcare, pharmaceutical, single serve packaging, in just about every product section of retail stores.

Shrink sleeve labels are used by manufacturers, brand managers, private label manufacturers, and contract packagers.

Shrink Sleeves Support

Our shrink sleeve support specialist will work with you from design to the finished sleeve. We assist in sizing, prepress, and selection of material. Whether you choose full body sleeves, multi pack bands, neck-bands, or preforms, we are here to guide you through the process. Fill out the contact form today to get started with your shrink project.

MPI carries a full line of heat shrink applicators and shrink equipment.

Additional Shrink Sleeve uses:

Beverage Dairy Products Single Serve Packaging
Bottles Food Packaging Wine Bottles
Cans Healthcare Packaging Woozy Bottles
Coffee Containers Industrial Products Animal & Pet Products
Coffee Creamers Lip Balm Tubes