Roll Fed Labels

> Convolute - Spiral Labels

Roll-Fed labels can be used on 360° of wrap around label space. The labels can be applied to cylindrical, square or rectangular containers made of metal, plastic or glass. They provide quality print decoration and shelf appeal.

Our Roll Fed labels can be printed on paper or film material. The film material can be laminated for gloss and protection. Film also resists moisture, tears, and scratches.

It does not require liner, backing, or adhesive and is often referred to as unsupported film.

The advantages of Roll-fed wrap are speed-to-market and flexible production to reduce costly inventory. It is a cost savings over pre-printed cans.

Roll Fed labels are a popular choice for products in a number of markets and industries. They include the following:


Automotive Chemical Food & Beverage Health & Beauty Industrial
Brake fluid Air fresheners Baby formula Aerosol Carpet cleaners
Cleaners Floor cleaners Bottled water Hair sprays Caulking tubes
Lubricant Furniture polishes Canned meat Shaving gels Cleaning products
Spray paints Insect sprays Coffee & teas Tanning sprays  
  Paint sprays Cooking oils    
  Varnishes Energy drinks    
    Fruit drinks    
    Nutrition drinks    
    Soft drinks    

Convolute – Spiral Labels

Our convolute and spiral labels can be printed on paper material 2 to 40 inches wide and up to 9-colors. We meet performance requirements for cross alignment, friction, rub resistance, and curl.

Many food and construction industries use this type of label. They include frozen food containers, biscuit cans, caulking and grease tubes, sealants, and adhesives.