MS Tags on Labels

MS tags connect consumers to information using mobile devices. To be able to scan the tags, consumers must download a Microsoft Tag reader to their mobile phone. When scanning the MS tag with a smart phone, it will automatically take you to the information that has been programmed in the MS tag.

MPI can print the Microsoft Tags on your labels. Through this technology, the door is wide open for companies to provide more information about their products, promotional offers, etc. via their packaging/labels.

There are many uses for MS Tags. They can include links to:

Web pages
Home page or a specific product page
Page with customer reviews
Facebook or Twitter pages

Video Clips
Do-it-yourself help
Instructions on how to use a product

Promotional Information
Promotional offers
Discount offers on purchases
Announce a contest

Sell sheets
Calendar events

QR codes are another option for creating promotions to be read by a mobile phone.