Labels for Olive Oil Bottles

We manufacture labels for olive oil bottles and oil containers. With the consumption of olive oil steadily rising, olive oil labels are quite important.

You will need the right label material and ink that will work well with the oil bottle. Special care must be taken in regards to ink selection due to the possibility of olive oil getting on the label.  If incorrect ink is selected the graphics will be destroyed by the oil.  Additionally, a film substrate is recommended to ensure label integrity.  Paper label stocks will absorb the oil and ruin graphics. 

Consumers are now keeping their olive oil bottle on their dinner table as a condiment. Therefore the label must endure the life of the bottle or the consumer may choose another brand that has a label that stays beautiful until the bottle is empty.

An attractive label or shrink sleeve will go a long way in drawing customers as your olive oil is for sale on retail shelves.

Fill out the contact form and our experienced team will work with you to produce an awesome label.

Clear Labels for Bottles
Shrink Sleeves for Bottle Labels