Labels for Medical Devices

medical device labelsMedical device labels are used on many different kinds of medical devices and medical equipment in the health care industry.

No matter if your medical device is simple or more complex we can print customized labels to meet your needs. They can include barcodes, serialization, or custom coded.

The medical equipment labels can be printed to include device information along with instructions, management and use. When information is required that doesn’t fit on a standard label, we can print multi-panel booklet labels. Booklet labels also work great for the pharmaceutical industry.

For medical device labels that are used in moisture, cold, or heat, consider our durable labels. They are ideal for compliance and certification - UL, CSA, CE.

We can print labels for inspection processes: checked/calibrated labels, serviced by, inspected by, or safety checked labels.

If you are a medical device manufacturer in need of labels, contact us today by filling out our contact form.