Candle Labels and Candle Jar Labels

candle labels on jarsCandle labels are really important when you are looking to decorate and package your candles. The high quality color and design will help attract your customers. 

We offer several options for your candle labels:

  • A label that is applied directly to your candle jar
  • A clear shrink wrap for pillar candles
  • Bottom candle labels
  • Thermal printer for variable information
  • Equipment to apply candle labels

Shrink on pillar candle with labelThe label that is applied on the candle jar is able to withstand the heat of the burning candle. It can be printed with your logo, company name, and artwork.

If you’re looking for a clear covering to go over your pillar candles we can provide clear shrink wrap (shrink bands, tubes). They give candle protection and help to maintain scent integrity. Your logo label can be placed on the outside of the shrink wrap.

Bottom candle labels can be printed with warning information, how to use, and the name of your candle fragrance.  

Candle tags and candle hang tags are also available.

Zebra printer for variable printThermal Printer for Variable Information

Perhaps you need small quantities or need to change fragrances frequently. A thermal transfer printer allows you the freedom to change and print on your pre-printed label as needed. It also cuts cost from overstocking or meeting minimum quantity orders.

Labeling Equipment for Applying Candle Labels

Semi-automatic labeler for candle labelingIf you’ve found that applying your candle labels is a slow process, we have a solution. Our cost efficient Universal R310 semi-automatic labeling system applies labels to round products quickly and accurately. Companies that are currently hand applying labels can increase their overall production runs with the use of this automatic labeler.

Contact MPI Labels for assistance in artwork submission and printing of your candle labels or our candle labeling equipment.