Nutritional facts panel


Meeting FDA regulations for nutrition panels on food labels can be intimidating.   With the ever changing font restrictions, mandatory statements, allergen alerts and difficult calculation for daily values it's hard to keep track of all the regulations.   To learn move, visit the FDA website directly or contact MPI to assist in the process.


Nutrition food labels

One of MPIs specialties is helping companies find ways to improve the impact of their custom food labels.  We can make your labels with the added pizzazz that will catch the consumer's eye.  MPI is able to print barcodes along with nutritional facts and high resolution images all on the same label.  Our knowledge helps you select the right material to accommodate your specific label application.

Custom nutrition food labels can be pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve, roll-fed wrap, or cut and stack labels.  

Nutrition Fact Panel for Food Products


technical options

  • Moisture resistant labels

  • Clear "no-label look" labels

  • Broad selection of face stocks and adhesives

  • Varnishes and laminations

  • Foil Stamp & embossing

  • Flexo & digital printing

Other Label Constructions to consider:

  • IRC's and Coupons/Booklet labels

  • Shelf talkers

  • Static Clings

  • Bottle Neck Hangers

Nutrition Fact Panel with Moisture Resistance for Drinks


Print YOUR own food labels

Take a fresh look at how printing your own food labels can improve productivity and profitability. Thermal printers are perfect for food manufacturers and food operations. When printing your own labels you can:

  • Identify items accurately

  • Ingredients

  • Variable Weight

  • Nutrition information

  • Sell-by dates

  • Difficult to mark items

  • Track and manage perishables more effectively

  • Print shipping labels

  • Labeling software available for database items

In-House Thermal Printing for Food Labels