Hunkar 612 Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeler

Hunkar 612 Semi-Automatic Bottle Labeler
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This semi automatic Bottle Labeler dispenses and applies labels easily and repeatably to cylindrical products up to one gallon in size. This motor driven unit uses a “C-Thru” Eye for detection of die-cut labels. Labeling is accomplished in a singular process that automatically dispenses pressure sensitive labels and wraps them around the cylindrical surface of a bottle or tube.

Hunkar 612 Bottle LabelerFeatures

  • Heavy duty aircraft aluminum plate construction
  • Spring loaded drive handle to allow easy label loading
  • Easily adjustable supply roll tension clutch
  • Hard coated peel edge
  • C-Eye Label detector (die-cut labels only)
  • Gas shock returned 140 oz., in motor and feed switch
  • Spring loaded drive handle to allow easy label loading  
  • Standard caddy capable of labeling products 17” long, from 1/2” to 6-1/2” in diameter
  • Rotary thumbwheel allows user to dial in desired feed length


  • Rear powered waste rewinder
  • Winds scrap liner out of operator’s way and off the floor
  • LCD Label Counter - Displays number of labels dispensed
  • Programmable (preset) Counter - Allows unit to be stopped after preset number of labels
  • Front/Back: Allows application of different labels on front and back of bottle in one application
  • Hot stamp imprinter or ink coder
  • Custom madrels for thin walled tubes
  • Custom caddy for other sizes