Pressure Sensitive Sticker Label Samples

Pressure Sensitive Labels

When most people think of product labels, they think of what is formally named a “pressure sensitive label” (abbr. PSL); however, they are often referred to as a sticker. Due to their versatile nature (and their ability to adhere to most shapes and surfaces), pressure sensitive labels can be found on nearly any type of product and account for more than 80 percent of all labels in the market today.

What are pressure sensitive labels (stickers)?

Pressure sensitive labels, or stickers, are the type of labels that peel off-and-stick due to their adhesive glue backing (comparatively to a sticker). These labels (stickers) don’t require any heat, water or solvents to activate and can instead be applied to a products’ surface using only moderate pressure. Therefore, this label solution can be applied by hand or using a machine.

Why choose pressure sensitive labels (Stickers)?

Pressure sensitive labels (stickers) are highly versatile and can be applied to most shapes and surfaces, making them a viable option for most products. With a wide array of materials these labels can be made of, such as paper, film, and foil, and a multitude of adhesives available, these labels are able to be customized to your unique application needs. Some high-performance pressure sensitive label adhesives can even last through extreme heat or cold, moisture and humidity, or a host of other environmental hazards.

Utilizing our full-scale printing capabilities, we can create a label for you included any design need ranging from:

  • High resolution and vibrant colors

  • Variable printing

  • Textured varnish

  • Embossing

  • Foil stamping

Digital vs Flexographic Pressure Sensitive Labels

Depending on the unique circumstances of your order, we can determine whether your order lends itself to digital or flexographic labels. (Digital labeling lends itself more so to short runs and quick turn arounds whereas flexographic labeling is more cost effective for larger sized orders.)

High-Quality Digital Labels

Ideal for short run label orders and quick turnarounds

No plate costs or minimum quantities

Flexographic Labels

Ideal for large runs

Low per label pricing in high qualities

Pressure Sensitive Label (Sticker) Industries

Pressure sensitive labels can be utilized in any multitude of different industries ranging from:

Pressure Sensitive Label (Sticker) Variations

Looking for a different label solution?

Custom roll fed wrap labels are just as they sound- a label that wraps completely around a product to offer 360-degree coverage. Due to the nature of these labels, they are found almost exclusively on mostly-cylindrical containers such as bottles, cans, and tubes.

Regardless of your intended application of shrink (whether it be full shrink sleeve packaging, multi-pack shrink bands, or preform neck shrink bands), all shrink products feature a 360-degree label sleeve (or band) which is heated and shrunk to conform to the unique shape of your container.

Smart Labels—Radio Frequency Identification (abbr. RFID) and Near Field Communication (abbr. NFC)—are the future of asset tracking, inventory management, and interactive marketing. In simplified terms, think of RFID and NFC as the new and improved alternatives to barcoding AND QR codes.