Shrink Sleeves for Bottle Labels


This heat shrink wrap sleeve serves as a tamper and safety seal. They can be customized with your graphics, text, & barcodes. The shrink labels can be custom printed and multi colored. Materials used to print on are PETG, PVC, OPS, or PLA shrink films.

Winnie the Pooh Pure Honey Shrink Label
Shrink Labeling for Flea and Tick Shampoo

You can use shrink wrap on the following kinds of bottles:

  • Glass bottles

  • Plastic bottles

  • Metal bottles

Various bottles using the shrink wrap sleeves:

We have neck bands for using around the top of your bottle at the cap.
Our shrink equipment includes shrink applicators and heat tunnels. They are great for applying shrink sleeves and shrink neck bands to bottles!

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Our bottle shrink specialist will assist you with sizing the wrap for your bottle.