NFC Label Applications


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There are many applications that can use NFC Labels/Tags. The following is a partial list of items that can benefit from using them. We offer several different NFC chips along with customization and encoding. 

Call/Location - tap to a URL, to call, to SMS, to Skype.  Location services for Google places or FourSquare.


  • Business Cards - tap on business cards with NFC enabled mobile phone and the content loads automatically!

  • Trade show badges - opportunities to engage with others on their mobile phones. Gather contact information or social media engagement.

Loyalty Programs

Marketing & Advertising

  • Cross Sell

  • Promotions

Mobile Gaming

Product Authentication

  • Museums

  • Tourist centers

Pill Dosage

NFC Applicatioins


  • Pictures

  • View movie trailers

  • Tickets (movies, concerts)

  • Coupons

  • Political posters – tap to learn more about a candidate

Restaurant menus - Store Restaurant menus in your phone (Restaurants can send notifications on special menu items).

Retail Environment - Creating effective targeted sales promotions, including smart posters.

  • Target sales promotions

  • Make purchase suggestions

  • Provide more product information

  • Cross-sell

  • Provide discount vouchers for instant redemption

  • Create NFC loyalty applications for consumers

Social Networking - automatic check in and communications; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Venue Ticket Purchases

Video or Audio – use to promote items or history at museums and retail stores for high ticket items.

Source: RFID Insider

Source: RFID Insider