Shrink Sleeve Labels for Sauce Products

Looking for a way to spruce up your bottle.

We’ll help you dress them up and look attractive so you can send them on to the shelves at grocery stores.


Options for your bottles include:



Hot sauce labels can display your product with attractive logos, graphics, ingredients, nutritional information, barcode, and company information. The colors and graphics will be crisp and eye catching.

Neckbands cover and protect the lid and neck of the bottle to help prevent tampering with your product. They can be supplied clear or color.

A Shrink sleeve can cover the entire bottle serving both for decoration and a tamper evident package.

From hot sauce and BBQ sauce, to salsa and dressings, we’ll help you ready your food bottles so you can take them to market.

Contact MPI to send us a sample of your bottle. We’ll be happy to work with you.