Ink Technician - Baltimore, MD


Location: Baltimore, MD 

Job Description: The Ink Technician is responsible for coordinating all jobs and work relative to the ink department. They are responsible for mixing, dispensing, formulating, distributing and troubleshooting all water based and alcohol inks and for managing each of the ink inventories.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Interpret the production schedule, calculate the amount of ink required per job and supply each press with the appropriate inks for each job.

2. Understand and use the Xrite Color Management system.

3. Understand and use the SPEC2000 Ink Dispensing system.

4. Ordering of all inks, raw materials and supplies.

5. Keep work area clean and organized.

6. Dispense ink.

7. Perform draw downs of all inks.

8. Adjust color of inks to match standards within a Delta E of 1.0.

9. Calculate ink required on a per job basis.

10. Formulate inks to match Customer provided standards.

11. Maintain the ink inventory to generally acceptable levels.

12. Order inks on a per job basis (if they cannot be made in house).

13. Troubleshoot and adjust color when a color match cannot be achieved on press.

14. Manage the raw materials and ink department supplies.

15. Assist and/or perform preventive maintenance on all ink department equipment.

16. Update colors in the SPEC system and/or Xrite system that are off color.

17. Ability to perform proper facility start-up and shut-down processes.

Basis of Evaluation:

1. Reduction of ink toning related down time.

2. Overall attitude towards work responsibilities.

3. Ability to recognize and deal with priorities, rush work and problem situations.

4. Ability to perform duties in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision.

5. Willingness to lend expertise to others as required or requested.

6. Demonstrated ability to firmly and tactfully handle the satisfactory resolution of ink related issues.

7. Accurate and timely generation of required tasks with an acceptable success rate of completion.

8. Continually developing skills to expand own capabilities while constantly striving for improvement.

9. Punctuality and attendance.

10. Adherence to general plant safety standards and good practice of safety habits.

11. Adherence to established policies, regulations and procedures.


1. Willingness to do what is necessary to perform the job well.

2. Excels at diagnosing and troubleshooting ink and/or color issues on press.

3. Possesses the ingenuity to plan, layout and perform all tasks necessary to return equipment to working condition.

4. Good organizational and communication skills.

5. Dedication to quality of work performed.

6. Ability to communicate constructive concerns in a positive and effective manner.

7. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

8. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.

9. Ability to read, analyze and interpret technical procedures. Ability to effectively write reports and procedures.

MPI offers a competitive wage, health insurance, 401k, paid holidays & vacation.

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