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Hazard warning & product branding

MPI’s highest standard

MPI has an expert understanding of all aspects of chemical and industrial labeling to meet GHS regulations.  We help you improve safety by identifying your hazardous products clearly while still giving you the shelf appeal you need to send your products flying off the shelves.


Industrial & Chemical Labels

Promote safety and draw attention to regulatory information with a custom printed label. 

MPI gives you professional quality with clear, easy to read text and vibrant graphics for your brand to shine.  We keep up-to-date with ever changing industry regulations in order to provide quality advice and recommendations to our customers.    

Whether you need a durable label or a standard pressure sensitive label, MPI can help you determine the best possible label for your brand.  

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Industrial Labels- Shrink Wraps and Convolute Spiral Labels

Shrink Combo Bands

A shrink combo band can be used to hold two or more products together. The items can be regular or irregular in size or shape. The wrap around combo band can be clear or printed. 

Convolute Spiral Labels 

Spiral-wound labels are very popular in many areas of the consumer marketplace where performance specifications are required, such as cross link alignment, COF, rub resistance, and curl.  


RFID Management

RFID labels are available for the chemical and industrial industry to improve efficiencies throughout the manufacturing process.  It helps reduce material loss by offering real time inventory management and product tracking.  

Benefits of RFID Labeling

  • Assets need to be protected

  • Parts identification

  • Knowing product locations at all times

  • Work in process (WIP)

  • More information is provided than what a barcode can contain

  • Inventory management