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Beauty is in the label

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Eye-catching Custom Beauty Labels

When it comes to beauty labels, MPI has you covered.  Whether you are a boutique distributor in need of a few labels or a national chain looking for an effective, cost efficient label, MPI can help.   

We have digital and flexographic presses ready to print your custom health and beauty labels.  From skin cleansers to moisturizer, and everything in between, beauty product labels are one of the most important factors in the consumer shopping experience when deciding which brand to purchase.  

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Custom Labeling Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive market.  Companies must find new ways to promote their brand to keep up with the ever changing marketplace.  

Turn up the power of your packaging with the "spin" label.  This label is actually two labels, a top label and a bottom label.  As the consumer spins the top label, information on the bottom label is revealed through a window, creating more space on a package to communicate your product.

Source: Spin Technologies

Source: Spin Technologies



RFID labels are widely used in the healthcare industry. Hospitals use them for patient tracking, asset tracking, and inventory management.

Our durable RFID labels are useful when product is exposed to extreme temperatures, dyes, solvents, or items that need to be alcohol resistant.

Additional uses:

  • Radiology

  • Pharmacies

  • Lab and specimen collections

  • Blood bags