multi-panel extended text labels


An extended text label is a great way to say a lot with limited space.  It allows you to fit any volume of information on your product without compromising graphics and branding elements.

Multi-Panel Extended Text labels are usually used when you need to accommodate more information like multiple languages, promotional information, nutrition facts, recipes and coupons. 

Multi-Panel Extended Text Label

Attract New and existing customers

A Coupon Label is a multi-layered construction with a peel-off top to advertise rebates or offers for immediate consumer redemption or gratification.  

Products with visible coupons are more likely to be noticed on store shelves since many consumers are looking for ways to save money.  

MPI can help your coupon look good and stick properly for it to draw your customer's attention.

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informative labels

The perfect solution to help you meet regulatory requirements, provide information in multiple languages and increase your interaction with the consumer all while enhancing your product's shelf appeal.

Uses for extended text labels include:

  • Product instructions

  • Multiple languages

  • Compliance data

  • Food recipes

  • Nutritional facts

  • On-pack promotions/cross-market promotions

  • Caution or warning information

  • Rebate programs

  • Games/sweepstakes/contests

If you are running short of copy space, an expanded content label is the way to go.  Its uses are limited only to your imagination.

Extended Text Informative Labels

Extended Text Hinged Labels

Hinged Labels

There are times where the label is required to be on the front of a container and not wrap around the sides.  A hinged multi page label can fit nicely in the front area of a container and allow all the necessary information required.  

  • Seal/reseal characteristics with a permanent hinge

  • Easy release adhesive for ease of use

  • Sturdy film/film multi layer construction for durability