Label-Aire 3115 RFID Wipe-On


3115 RFID's easy wipe-on labeling is the affordable way to bring your operation to the RFID technology age while also meeting your bottom line.

Advanced features include Automatic Speed Following (ASF) which allows product surface profiling, ensuring wrinkle-free labeling on even the most difficult product shapes and label materials (optional encoder required). Zero Downtime Labeling allows your production to continue without costly interruptions.

Product/label queuing and missing label compensation virtually eliminate unlabeled products. This unit's advanced RFID features include EPC, Class 0, Class 0+, Class 1, Gen 2 RFID tag encoding, fully integrated UHF/EPC technology, user friendly Label-Aire RFID tag formatting software, and a patent pending Tag Rejecter mechanism. The 3115 RFID can also be configured for tamp-blow or air-blow labeling.