How to Apply a Pressure Sensitive Label to a Bottle...

For those applying pre-printed pressure sensitive labels to bottles in a manufacturing environment, there are several options to choose from.

On production lines where speed and efficiency are of utmost importance, an Automatic Label Applicator is a great choice. Labels are automatically placed on the bottle as they travel down a conveyor line.  Our Wrap Around applicator applies labels with accuracy and can even work with small bottles. It is capable of high volume and multi-shift operations.  The Roller Indexing System applies single or front and back labels. It can apply labels to various height or diameter bottles.

Semi-automatic bottle labelers are portable. Singular labels are applied repeatedly to round bottles. It will automatically dispense pressure sensitive labels and wrap them around the surface of a bottle. They can be operated with a foot switch and apply up to several thousand labels a day. Labels can easily be applied to small or gallon size bottles.

When labels are being hand applied, an Electric Label Dispenser can work as a third hand.  They dispense labels and automatically remove and rewind the liner. Various models are available according to your label size.

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