CTM 3600a RW RFID Label Printer Applicator

RFID Equipment_3600a_pa_2018.jpg

The 3600a RW RFID Printer Applicator is a rugged and versatile, high speed, thermal transfer labeler used to encode, print, and apply pressure sensitive RFID labels to various products. A Sato or Zebra print engine is integrated into an applicator to form a self-contained unit to print variable data.

These units use the latest developments in print engine RFID technology with upgrade capability. The antenna is positioned immediately forward of the print head in both the Sato and Zebra units for reading/writing the next label out. The unique reject label accumulator shuttle advances under the applicator to receive reject labels. Rejected labels are print marked for visual identification.


In the event the shuttle accumulates too many rejects, a stop circuit is provided with an optional alarm. The shuttle mounting allows for easy removal of the rejected labels.
Assembled with Sato and Zebra printer modules, the unit can be mounted in various positions to apply labels to the tops, sides or bottoms of a multitude of products with its proven tamp-blow application. Small and large labels can be accommodated with its built-in bar codes and alpha-numeric fonts.