Durable Labels


Durable Labels are the solution for manufacturers that are seeking to simplify the branding, regulatory, and instructional content on their products.

Particular attention is focused on substrates, face stocks, adhesives and the environment in order to deliver products that perform exactly as specified and in a cost-effective manner.

Durable labels retain legibility and graphic quality for the long term, withstanding moisture, cold, heat, UV exposure and abrasion. They also include special adhesives that bond well to varying surfaces and shapes.

Durable Tough Labels

Tough labels

MPI offers custom labels with the durability to meet the need of your toughest labeling challenge.

Our durable labels can withstand harsh environments such as exposure to chemicals and extreme outdoor environments.

Durable label uses:

  • Brand identification

  • Serial numbers/Model numbers

  • Compliance/Regulatory

  • Certification (UL, CSA, CE)

  • Warning/Instructional

  • Control panel/OEM markings


Durable Compliance Labels

Compliance Labels

Compliance labeling mandates are found in many different industries.  All of which have costly fines and lost business opportunities if there is failure to comply with these requirements.   MPI can help you to determine which requirements are mandated for your product, as well as print these labels for you.

Industries with compliance mandates:

  • Appliances & Tools

  • Lawn & Garden

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Electronics

  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Outdoor & Recreational


Durable Smart Labels- RFID

RFID - Durable Labels

We can provide you with RFID labels that are water resistant, solvent resistant, chemical resistant, withstand heat, and autoclave.  These durable labels can even withstand rain, dust, and humidity.

Durable RFID labels can be used with machinery and equipment for maintenance records, identification, and inventory management.