Custom Digital Label Printing


Custom digital label printing is a cost effective method for producing smaller print orders yet still maintaining a high quality print with vibrant colors and crisp text.  Variable data technology makes printing barcodes, consecutive numbers, multiple designs and multiple SKU’s fast, easy, and affordable.

Most importantly, due to the unmatched short run flexibility, you can develop packaging faster and react more quickly to changing market conditions or competitive pressures. Your product appearance will be dramatically enhanced which will in turn increase your product sales.

Custom Digital Labels with Variable Printing

When Is Custom Digital Label Printing The Right Solution?

Custom digital label printing offers advantages including the ability to print high-quality graphics, incorporate variable data as well as text/design changes at lower price points for short production runs. Digital label printing can also be faster due to no plates and little set up time.

So, Who Is Using Digital Label Printing?


Digital Labels with Complete Customization

Complete customization

Digital labels are unique because they can be made with variable data printing technology. This means that each label within one print run can be different from the rest, giving your product and brand ultimate versatility and dramatically increasing its shelf appeal.

At MPI, we can add a wide variety of customizations, including:

  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Specialty varnishes
  • Textured varnishes
    and so much more!