cover-up labels


If you need to cover up copy or graphics on a package, MPI can help. Sometimes product changes happen after the package has been printed. Rather than throwing it away, you can cover up the error with a label.  Cover -up labels can save you both time and money when it comes to packaging updates and changes.  

Cover Up Blackout Labels

How Does the label work? 

The cover up or correction label is applied over existing labels to block out print. An opaque coating is printed on the underside of the label so you are not able to see through it. The top or facestock of the label provides a great printed appearance. This can be done so it does not bring attention to the incorrect information.

Cover up labels can be used to cover up labels that are already applied to a product.

These labels can be a cost savings. Rather than reprinting the entire packaging, just cover it with a label.


Cover Up Barcode Labels

When do you need a cover-up label?

Examples of ways to use a cover-up label:

  • Barcode cover up labels

  • Graphic changes

  • Ingredient changes

  • Misprints

  • One time changes

  • Out of date information

  • Pharmacy dose changes

  • Price markdown

  • Rack labels

  • Retail packaging

  • Shipping containers


Cover Up Shrink Can Labels

Other cover up ideas

Cover Up Cans – if there are mistakes on printed aerosol cans, shrink sleeves are a great way to cover up any errors.

Cover Up Tubes – Information that is already printed on tubes needing changes can be covered up with a label.

Contact us today and let us help you save costs with your cover up labels or shrink sleeves.